Tuesday, October 28, 2008



                        Sweetheart  or  "Oreo"  case

                          Carte de Visite

            Tintype...sometines  Placed in same type of cases
            As  Dags  and  Ambro's  were.

       Just in time for the civil war...the tintype arrived.
       These were no very expensive at all  and durable
       (more so than glass)
       Not especially hi quality...but fine to send home to
       sweethearts back home.
       Often times photographers set up their tents right
        outside the troops quarters...all across the USA 
       the photogs would roam...in search of the armies
       of the north and the south

      The CDV or Carte de Visite was a small paper  Image
       adhered to  cardboard, with photogs name and address
       printed usually on the reverse of the Image.
       these were  popular as well during this period.

        The  sweetheart case or 'Oreo' as it has been nicknamed
        given its resemblance to the cookie.
        Are prized among collectors.
        These most often contained Tintypes and many a soldier 
        carried  these on the battlefield (of their girlfriend  back home)

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